About GNU

In the lore of the planet Cray, there is one institution of higher learning dedicated to the betterment of the planet.  This institution is inhabited entirely by intelligent animal life and has been named Great Nature University.  Here at GNU, we are dedicated to teaching about one clan and one clan only.  Great Nature is a varied clan full of many different decks and builds, and I am often approached by individuals in different communities with questions about the possibility of a central location where players both new and old can find information about the cards and strategies unique to this clan.  I plan for this to be that location.

What you can see already is just a small example of the types of content I want to bring you over time.  Among others, you will see articles about decks, strategies, and newly revealed cards.  You can get updates whenever new articles are posted by following GNU’s Facebook page.

Credit for card translations and other content goes to the incredible people at Cardfight Coalition.  You can see updates from them on their website as well as their Facebook page and Twitter.

If you want to see my friends and me in action, you can check out the Team Shenanigans YouTube channel and Facebook page. This channel covers both Vanguard as well as Buddyfight and showcases many different decks from both games.  It is not dedicated to Great Nature, though I hope to have some more videos involving Great Nature up in the future.