Pastel Deer: First Thoughts

We are nearing the end of the new cards from G Character Booster 02: WE ARE!!! TRINITY DRAGON.  After today, there are only a couple cards left to cover until we have unfortunately seen the entire set.  It is disappointing to reach the end of new spoilers, but the ride must end some time to let other clans have a chance.  Pastel Deer is arguably the most interesting of the final few cards, so let’s take a look.

[AUTO](RC) Generation Break 1:When this unit is boosted by a unit with 20000 [Power] or greater, this unit gets [Critical]+1 until end of that battle.

This unit’s effect is extremely simple, but is unusual enough to be noteworthy.  Rare is it to find a rear guard that can grant itself extra Criticals.  All Pastel Deer requires to give itself that Critical is to be boosted by a unit with 20k power or more.  In Great Nature, this is hardly a difficult accomplishment, especially in Bigbelly decks where you have the ability to distribute large amounts of power wherever you may wish.

Unfortunately, and feel free to color me a pessimist here, but I do not see much beyond a handful of negatives for this card.  My first complaint is minor.  As this card is restricted to GB1, there is no potential for early game rush tactics.  Because its ability is limited to GB1, it becomes a unit that you never want to see early in the game.  If you have to Ride the Deer, you become a wide open target for your opponent to freely rush down with extra Grade 1s they may have.  A potential bright spot would be that this card is not limited to once per turn.  However, as the Critical is gained only during the battle, there is also no extra potential for beatdown via restanding.

Even though restanding and re-boosting does not grant Deer a third Critical, restanding it could be very threatening to your opponent.  If you choose to make this part of your strategy, know that it will be a difficult feat to accomplish without Stand triggers.  Not only would you need to restand Pastel Deer after his attack, you would also need some method to restand the booster.  The closest we may come to having a simple method for this is Anchor Rabbit.  Keep in mind though, that this is still going to be awkward to attempt because Anchor Rabbit’s Success threshold is 20k.  If you boost Pastel Deer with an Anchor Rabbit that is not at 20k or more, Deer will not gain its crit.  If you get Anchor Rabbit to 20k before boosting, you will miss your window of opportunity to restand it post Deer attack because you must choose whether or not to Stand Rabbit as soon as it becomes successful.

My last gripe is that this card has no kind of Success skill itself.  In Bigbelly decks, this makes it less desirable as Teacher’s Cane of Affection, Bigbelly needs as many Success-capable units in deck to make its on-Stride skill as consistent as possible.  Regardless, I believe that Pastel Deer is a card to keep in the back of your mind.  Going into the future, it would be very easy for Great Nature to receive some kind of support card that fixes enough of Pastel Deer’s issues to make it a real threat.

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