Reader Pig: First Thoughts

Species diversity is something I wondered if we would ever see again.  Just when it looked like this clan would end up being only pandas and cats, we get a few other animals as Honorary Professor support, including Reader Pig.  This card was very much designed with the new Honorary Professor multi-attack strategy in mind, and serves its purpose efficiently.

[AUTO]:When this unit is placed on (RC), you may have this unit get “[CONT](RC):If you have a vanguard with “Honorary Professor” in its card name, this unit can attack a vanguard from your back row.” until end of turn. If you do, at the end of that turn, retire this unit.

Unlike Go-Home Toad, Pig can gain the ability to attack from the back row during any phase of the game, as long as it is placed on a rear guard circle while you have an Honorary Professor Vanguard.  This tends to be more useful than Toad’s version of the back row attacking skill for a small handful of reasons.  The first and most obvious is that Pig’s skill is free where Toad’s costs a soul.  Soul is renewable, but Omniscience Dragon, Fernyiges is something you will likely want to Stride into less often in Honorary Professor mainly by virtue of this deck relying more on constant combos than Bigbelly.  You would rather be going into that second Brahmananda for a big multi-attack turn or going into either available G Unit for a Break Ride turn thanks to Honorary Professor, Chat Sauvage.

Beyond the obvious are the potentials for combo.  Where Toad works awkwardly or not at all with Eternal Professor, Brahmananda because its skill is ACT, Pig works flawlessly, gaining its ability even when called mid-battle phase.  This can provide for some fun combos such as the one detailed in my Brahmananda article wherein you use Pig to boost a Crayon Tiger, have Crayon restand Pig, and end with Pig available for its own attack.  The card is not without its vulnerabilities.  As a 7k base power unit, its purpose is certainly best served when Striding into specific G Units, mainly Brahmananda.  When called on a relatively mundane Stride turn such as Hrimthurs, you will be forced to miss out on Pig’s skill entirely or else have Pig die in the end phase without truly accomplishing much.

Fans of the full Honorary Professor combo decks will be sure to love this card.  It provides everything in a rear guard that a big push from Brahmananda could want, but pales more than a bit when used outside of combo situations.

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