Go-Home Toad: First Thoughts

Amphibians are a woefully underrepresented group of animals in Great Nature, so it’s nice to see them get some love.  Go-Home Toad is one of the newest students to enroll in classes with the fabled Honorary Professors and appears to have taken lessons specifically from Eternal Professor, Brahmananda as that is the unit he was designed to work with.  Let’s hop right in.

[ACT](RC) Generation Break 1:[Soul Blast (1)] If you have a vanguard with “Honorary Professor” in its card name, this unit gets “[CONT](RC):This unit can attack a vanguard from the back row.” until end of turn. At the end of that turn, retire this unit.

As was said before, this card appears to be designed specifically with Brahmananda in mind.  The idea appears to be that when you use Go-Home Toad on a turn alongside Brahmanada, you can get a plethora of attacks from anywhere.  This is particularly potent when used on a turn where you granted a Break Ride effect to your G Unit via Honorary Professor, Chat Sauvage.  Even attacking from the back row, Toad can give itself extra power on a Break Ride turn to hit the opponent’s Vanguard.

There isn’t much to say on what this card was intended to do, but there is something to be said for its awkwardness in actual play.  The big issue I see here is its lack of real interaction with Brahmananda.  The new G Unit seems to encourage multi-attacking thanks to its in-battle call skill.  However, Toad’s skill is ACT.  He can only gain his back row attack by an activated effect in the main phase, causing him to miss out on his skill and the +4k and draw if called by Brahmananda to the back row.  On a Break Ride turn, this card can still be potent, however.  If you have an empty spot in your back row, which is not unlikely if you have already retired your own starter, Toad can provide an extra poke along with more draw power during a turn that is already putting quite a bit of pressure on your opponent.

Go-Home Toad is certainly a card to keep in mind when building your Honorary Professor deck, though whether or not it will be widely included in finished builds has yet to be determined.

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