Lesser Writer: First Thoughts

How can one card be so adorable and yet so strong?  This is a question I’ve had to ask multiple times throughout Great Nature’s history.  It started with Coiling Duckbill, continued through Crayon Tiger, and stands as a strong condition with Lesser Writer.

“Some writers are much better than others.  This one is not.  It is less.  But it is cute and it tries real hard.  It is just a little raccoon thing, but it is the cutest.”

-My wife, 2016

[AUTO](RC):Success 20000 (When your rear-guard’s [Power] becomes 20000 or greater, this unit becomes successful until end of turn)
[CONT](RC):If this unit is successful, all of your units with the success ability get [Power]+2000, and “[CONT](VC/RC):Resist”.
[ACT](RC)[1/Turn]:[Soul Blast (1)] This unit becomes successful until end of turn, and at the end of that turn, retire this unit.

Here we have the bane of Kagero’s existence.  I was a little worried about the Kagero matchup post-G-CHB02 because we will likely have no main deck space for Sleepy Tapir and less G Zone room for Afanc.  My worried appear to have been largely in vain.  Any deck that you use this card in has the potential to obtain a Resist rear guard to shut down Denial Griffin on command.  Bigbelly decks will particularly appreciate this card, as it supports the Success units that are so valuable to Bigbelly’s…well, success.

In a deck where as many units have the potential to be successful as possible, this card appears to be fairly valuable.  Even what appears to be a small buff from this card can make a world of difference when trying to reach a crucial Success threshold.  A full column of success-capable units gets the trademarked GN +4k buff, a familiar number to GN players.  Resist is more useful than ever nowadays, especially Resist active during your Battle Phase, so Lesser Writer is a very nice card to see.  Expect to run into this card fairly often once G-CHB02 is released.

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