Recorder Parakeet: First Thoughts

Promos are always a hit or miss when it comes to Great Nature.  We have had some incredible promos like the Fox Legion as well as some cards that some might say genuinely belong in a garbage can such as Beaker Holstein.  Let’s take a look at Recorder Parakeet to determine which, if either, category this card belongs in.

[AUTO]: When this Unit is placed on (RC), choose up to one of your other rear-guards, it gets [Power]+4000 until end of turn, and at the end of that turn, retire that unit.

An extremely simple skill with very little to seriously discuss.  It performs its function well and without drama.  When it hits the field, you can give another RG 4k power and at the End Phase, the unit that was buffed dies.  This skill is about as basic as Great Nature’s unique mechanic gets, which ends up being both good and bad.  Some of Great Nature’s greatest (pardon the bad pun) cards exist because of how simple they are.  Binoculus Tiger buffs and marks a friendly RG for death whenever he attacks VG.  This card serves a similar purpose, and even does so without the need to be at Generation Break.  Not having a GB restriction is a rare treat nowadays.

However, this card is yet another 6k Grade 1 in a clan that has become sick of seeing them.  Great Nature is now more focused on hitting certain number thresholds than it is about the mindless power buffing that may have been some players’ focus over the history of the clan.  6k is only 1k below your normal Grade 1 power level of 7k, but that 1k power can hurt you more than you might imagine when trying to get to specific numbers.  Beyond that, Great Nature just has too many cards that are already doing Parakeet’s job and doing it better.  This card may not be completely useless, but it is difficult to see a niche for it in any current Great Nature deck.

I know I said there was little to discuss about this card earlier, but I ended up writing more than I expected.  It turns out almost nothing is simple when describing GN’s card interactions.  As a side note, I enjoy this card’s art.  Look how happy he is!



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